Friday, 30 July 2010

Sony unveils world’s first consumer interchangeable lens HD camcorder Handycam® NEX-VG10E

Building on 25 years of continuous Handycam® innovation, Sony introduces the NEX-VG10E – the world’s first consumer HD camcorder with interchangeable lenses. It’s also the first Handycam® featuring an extra-large Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor that allows the creation of exquisitely cinematic background defocus effects.

Targeting video enthusiasts and photographers, the NEX-VG10E opens up unprecedented artistic possibilities not achievable with conventional consumer video cameras.

Compatible with a choice of high quality E-mount lenses, it’s the first consumer camcorder that offers the same breadth of creative expression enjoyed by DSLR photographers. Alongside the three currently available E-mount lenses, users of the NEX-VG10E can experience a wide variety of A-mount DSLR optics by using the optional LA-EA1 mount adaptor. Picking from a choice of award-winning Sony G lenses, fixed-focal length Carl Zeiss portrait lenses and other models from macro to super-telephoto, videographers will have unprecedented freedom to explore an exciting world in movie creation.

At the heart of the NEX-VG10E is a 14.2 effective megapixel Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor that’s teamed with Sony’s powerful BIONZTM processor to capture very high resolution video and still images. Approximately 19.5 times bigger than the standard sensor found in other consumer camcorders, the APS-C sized imager also enables an extremely shallow depth of field. This allows videographers to achieve ‘cinematic’ results with beautiful background defocus (bokeh). In addition, the ability to capture DSLR-quality still images gives videographers extra shooting flexibility on assignment with less to carry.

Full HD 1920x1080 video images are captured in AVCHDTM format at up to the maximum 24 Mbps bit rate for superlative detail and clarity. Unlike many digital still cameras including DSLR that support HD video, there’s virtually no restriction on continuous shooting time. Just slip in your choice of either Memory Stick PRO DuoTM or SD media cards and capture Full HD video and JPEG still images for easy transfer into your existing PC storage and editing environment.

The NEX-VG10E comes supplied as standard with an image-stabilised E18-200mm F3.5-6.3 OSS lens that offers a powerful 11x optical zoom range. Because of its optimized design for video shooting, this high-quality E-mount lens offers smooth, ultra low noise autofocus and iris control. In-built Optical SteadyShot image stabilisation assures clearer video images when you’re shooting handheld. At wide angle settings, Active Mode enhances anti-shake performance even further, steadying jittery images even while walking. The lens also features a circular aperture for the creation of beautiful bokeh effects whether you’re shooting video or stills.

Reflecting the demands of serious videographers, sound quality matches the phenomenal imaging performance of the NEX-VG10E. The Quad Capsule Spatial Array Stereo Microphone uses advanced processing algorithms to combine signals from four separate omnidirectional microphone capsules. The result is exceptionally clear stereo audio with a highly directional response: this allows videographers to capture more sound from the subject they’re shooting, and less of distracting sounds around them. There’s also a jack for adding an optional external stereo mic, plus a headphone jack for audio monitoring.

With a photo-realistic 921k dot resolution, the 7.5cm/3 inch-type Xtra Fine LCD features TruBlackTM technology for an exceptionally detailed, high contrast view of images and menu settings. The LCD is supplemented by a high-resolution (1152k dot) electronic viewfinder that assists easy framing and monitoring. The viewfinder helps operator capture clear images in bright daylight and its angle can be easily adjusted for comfortable operation.

Despite its groundbreaking creative possibilities, the NEX-VG10E is compact, beautifully balanced and easy to handle, even for novice videographers. An intuitive jog dial and hotkeys make it easy to navigate camera menus and adjust shooting parameters. Videographers can also enjoy precise manual control over Iris, Shutter Speed, Gain and White Balance for professional results.

A range of official accessories includes the ECM-CG50 Shotgun Microphone that attaches to the camcorder’s accessory shoe. There’s also a choice of rechargeable battery options, including the NP-FV100 that provides power for up to 330 minutes continuous HD shooting. A dedicated soft carrying case LCS-VCD is also available as an option.

Offered to customers as a free download, Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 video editing software includes everything you need to produce spectacular HD movies. Powerful tools for video compositing, colour correction and sound mixing make it easy to achieve cinema-quality results in your own home studio. You can also upload movies to web, burn them to Blu-ray Disc™ or author DVDs with custom menus and graphics.

The Handycam® NEX-VG10E interchangeable lenses Full HD camcorder is available from September 2010.

Thursday, 29 July 2010


Date: Saturday 21st August-Sunday 22nd August 2010
Venue: Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, Holborn, London WC1R 4RL

On 21st and 22nd August 2010, the fourth Japanese Art Festival will be presenting two days of art, cultural activities and fun at Conway Hall, Central London.

Akemi Solloway, the main organiser of the Japanese Art Festival, is a lecturer of Japanese culture and daughter of an old samurai family. It is her aim to present authentic Japanese culture in an accessible and enjoyable manner. In addition to Akemi, the core supporters of this festival are AJAMCA, the Anglo-Japanese Anime, Manga and Culture Association, and the School of Japanese Language and Culture.

In the friendly atmosphere of this event, if you come alone or with a group, you will find like-minded people, interesting things to see and do and the chance to take part in further activities in the UK and Japan.

Kawaii Culture
Special guests 6%DOKIDOKI will be talking about the popularity of Kawaii Culture in Japan with the help of Akemi Solloway and guests.
Kimono Demonstration
The classic Japanese clothing gets a contemporary look as guest Yumi Yamamoto demonstrates the kimono with a modern twist. Meanwhile, Akemi Solloway will be explaining the style and wear of the traditional kimono.

Harajuku Fashion Show
A specially themed demonstration looking at the style from the legendary streets of Harajuku courtesy of 6%DOKIDOKI. Harajuku is a shopping area of Japan famed for its unique street fashion and this show gives you the opportunity to see why it's so well-reknowned.

Japanese Food
The Japanese Art Festival always provides a taste of Japan courtesy of our Yatai stands. Enjoy a range of food and drink including takoyaki, okonomiyaki, sake and soba.

Traditional Japanese Music
Enjoy some classic Japanese musical treats including performances on the Shamisen courtesy of guests Rodrigo & Eriko Hanawa, Shinobue (Japanese flute) and also the ever-popular Taiko drums.

Martial Arts
The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School (MSMAS) will be providing a variety of martial arts demonstrations live on stage. MSMAS teaches a variety of disciplines including Judo, Traditional Aikido, Iaido and Kendo.


The Japanese Art Festival will have a wide range of Cosplay-themed events over the course of the weekend, including the Cosplay Masquerade.

Dealers at the Japanese Art Festival
Attendees of the Festival will be able to purchase a wide range of items including DVDs, Manga, Japanese food, toys, T-Shirts, clothing and much more. Some of the companies attending the Japanese Art Festival include: Genki Gear, Kamika-Z, Gundam Nation, Voodoobaby, Japan Centre, United Publications, Third Window Films, Animetal
For more details please contact: Akemi Solloway

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Discover Korean Food #28: Dr. Sook-Ja Yoon's "Omija-hwachae", Omija Punch

Omija-hwachae is omija punch blended with omija liquid and honey or sugar, and garnished with carved pear. Omija-hwachae is a cold drink that is typically enjoyed in the summer. It has a beautiful color and is high in organic acids which are good for relieving physical fatigue and quenching thirst.

[Ingredients & Quantity]
20 g (1/5cups) Omija , 400 g (2 cups) water
36 g (3 tbsp) sugar
38 g (2 tbsp) honey
125 g (¼ ea) pear
3.5 g (1 tsp) pine nuts

1. Wash the Omija, remove foreign elements, drain water on a strainer.
2. Add water to the Omija and let it sit for 12 hours.
3. Remove tops of pine nuts, wipe the nuts with dry cotton cloths.

1. When the Omija soaked fully, filter through cotton cloths (352 g).
2. Add sugar and honey to the Omija water.
3. Peel the pear and slice it into 0.2 cm-thick, carve them into pear flower shape (60 g).
4. Put the Omija water into a punch bowl, topping with pear and pine nuts.

*Seasonal fruits will be suitable for the season.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

On the Other Side of the Globe (first major contemporary Korean art and design exhibition in Manchester)

Date: The exhibition runs from 3 to 31 August, 2010
Venue: Manchester Digital Laboratory, 36-40 Edge Street, Manchester M4 1HN
Contact: Hwa Young Jung - or
Beccy Kennedy -

Manchester Digital Laboratory (Madlab) is a new community space for people who want to do and make interesting stuff - a place for geeks, artists, designers, illustrators, hackers, tinkerers, innovators and idle dreamers; an autonomous R&D laboratory and a release valve for Manchester's creative communities. Based in Manchester’s bohemian Northern quarter in a building which used to be a shop and evoking the era of Manchester mill manufacturing, Madlab is a cottage industry all of its own. It’s a welcoming place for workshops, rendezvous, creativity making and, now, also, transnational art exhibitions - as it introduces its first: On the Other Side of the Globe.
Curated by Lee Joo Won of Seoul’s Art Connection Korea (ARCK), Madlab showcases 23 artists’ fine art, design, digital and video pieces. Co-director of Madlab, Hwa Young Jung, wanted to show Manchester some of South Korea’s design and art innovations, in a multi-location collaborative project with ARCK online gallery and London’s Britannia Centre. The artists contributing to ‘On the Other Side of the Globe’ explore some of Korea’s cultural, historical uses of iconography in design, including aspects of folk narrative, landscape, fashion, language and material culture. These elements are interwoven with themes and issues arising from contemporary lifestyles including ecology, tourism and digital innovation. The art works and installation pieces demonstrate how national characteristics can work to create a meaningful identity globally, relating to Korea’s cultural, natural and material production where it interfaces with the needs of 20th /21st century intercultural design, commerce and global forms of communication.
In Manchester’s first extensive, mixed media group exhibition of contemporary Korean art, this is a rare opportunity to see the cutting edge polymathy of art and design from the other side of the globe.

Monday, 26 July 2010


Date: 30 July - 31 August 2010
Venue: 49 Albemarle Street, London W1S 4JR
Tel: 0207 499 1616

At a time when the attention of the art world is focussed on the art and artefacts of Asia in particular, and the contemporary art community on new art from emerging markets, The Korean Collective exhibition has brought together the work of six Korean artists with an interest in perception, displacement and the inner self.
Each has tackled these difficult themes with imagination and panache, and with the use of a range of materials and skills. Although the individual artists have pursued their unique paths, these three overarching concerns permeate each and every piece in the exhibition.Korea has experienced a cultural Renaissance over the last ten years, evident in its new public and private museums, modern, urban architecture and in the preservation of its traditional heritage.
The investment in the nation’s arts infrastructure is combined with the maintenance of rigorous technical standards in Western and Eastern styles of art by the leading arts universities of Hongik, Seoul and Ewha.
The market for Korean contemporary art is vibrant. Highly influential Seoul based galleries and important private Korean collectors are setting the contemporary art agenda for East Asia. Their influence, expressed in exhibitions, publications and by the appearance of their artists’ works in international auctions has moved beyond the confines of Asia and, like some Chinese art, has entered the mainstream. The Korean art world efficiently filters its most promising artists onto its national market, and with new and significant outlets overseas the future for these ‘talents’ is very bright. The best Korean art has, in short, a strong indigenous collecting base and an international pedigree...........

Reviewed by Iain Robertson
Head of Art Business Studies, Sothebys Institute of Art

Thursday, 15 July 2010

ASIMO Wows the Crowds in Celebration of Honda UK's ‘School of Dreams' Program

ASIMO travelled to Swindon, England, last week as the headline act in a celebration of the success of Honda (UK)'s acclaimed ‘School of Dreams' program.

Now entering its fourth year, School of Dreams has been developed by Honda (UK) and a team of independent education experts, visiting UK schools with a series of free two-day thinking skills workshops for students and educators.
To date School of Dreams workshops have been carried out in more than 100 schools, reaching 3,500 9-13 year old students and 1,000 educators.
The workshops help young people to understand the importance of pursuing their dreams, and teaches skills and strategies to help turn their ambitions into reality.
The celebrations took place at the Swindon Academy - a specialist Academy school which is supported by Honda Motor Europe, lying on the doorstep of Honda's UK manufacturing plant.
Students and educators who have participated in the program joined ASIMO on the stage to share their experiences with peers and colleagues; recognizing shared successes and encouraging new schools to get involved in the next phase.
ASIMO is the ‘face' of School of Dreams, acting as the perfect example of Honda's own ‘Power of Dreams' philosophy and the company's dedication to innovation.
At the event ASIMO entertained the gathered students and educators with a breathtaking display of its latest cutting edge abilities, including dancing, climbing stairs and running in a circle.


On Friday the 9th of July 2010 and the following day-Saturday the 10th- TASTE THE EAST LONDON FESTIVAL 2010 took place at Potters Fields Park in London with the dramatic back drop of Tower Bridge'

Both days were gloriously sunny with temperatures reaching 30 degrees. Countless numbers of people, including tourists, promenaded and enjoyed the sunshine.

Numerous restaurants were represented at this Festival selling an assortment of delicious Korean and Japanese food and drinks-with of course, free tasting.

The various dishes included Korean pancakes (made with spring onions and seafood), Bulgogi (beef), noodles (with assorted sliced vegetables), chicken with onion and peppers on skewers, fried pork, fried chicken and curries with rice. Each restaurant contributing to the different tastes, smells and textures of the meals.

Japanese ice creams in different flavours (in tubs to be eaten with a spoon, a round shape(more solid to be picked up with one's fingers) and Green Tea lattes proved popular.

Other organisations (JNTO, JETRO, FINNAIR, Korea Tourism Organization, LE CORDON BLEU, Japan Foundation, Embassy of Japan in the UK, Eco Party Mearry, Institute of Traditional Korean Food, Atsuko’s Kitchen, Mizkan, Kikkoman, The Hanin Herald, Hollym Publication, A concept, Perfect Employment, The East Business Newspaper and Food Magazine) were present, including Maum Medication which offered fresh fruit salads and meditative advice.

Not only was there food to purchase but there were three separate cookery demonstrations on both days which attracted appreciative audiences.

(Click here to watch the YTN Report)

Different cooking methods for thick juicy steaks, fillets of pork, salmon, and chicken were transformed into mouthwatering dishes by two Japanese ladies (Atsuko, Utako Tanner) on both these days.

The third chef was Korean (Hokeon Kwak who had trained at LE CORDON BLEU in London) and displayed his skills , also on both the days, with dishes of beef and tofu.

Audiences on the Friday and Saturday were shown how to prepare remarkable meals and had the added pleasure of tasting them. To say their comments were favourable would be an understatement.

Unique hand crafted jewellery and accessories, together with an array of books and literature about Korea and Japan were available.

The entertainment provided highlighted vividly the range of artistic and Martial Arts talents on display.

A rather sombre display of Japanese Martial Arts were conducted in almost complete silence with members using their swords in menacing and stylised movements,

In contrast, was the "Wearing of the Kimono" demonstration assisted by a volunteer.

Four traditional Japanese dances were performed by dancers of varying ages, showing the skill required for the intricate movements, in perfect interpretation of the music.

The playing of different instruments showed the dexterity and musicality of the respective performers.

A "Daegum" or Korean flute was played hauntingly.

A "Kayagum"-a long stringed Korean instrument, placed horizontely on a stand was plucked skillfully (both modern and traditional tunes) by a musician in her Korean dress (Hanbok). She was joined by a guitarist for two pieces-including one of his own compositions.

A Japanese guitarist then played pieces at various tempos-his fingers seeming to fly over the strings during the fastest choice.

The highlight of the musical demonstrations over the two days of the Festival was on Saturday the 10th when remarkable explosive Japanese drumming skills and accompanying dancing combined.

A third impromptu performance by the drummers was added to the two scheduled ones due to the audience's encore request.

Good Summer weather, appreciative audiences, skillful performers and good food all contributed to the success of the TASTE THE EAST LONDON FESTIVAL 2010.

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